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Progresso Legal Group Privacy Policy


We are Progresso Legal Group P.C., also known as Progresso Legal Group. You can find us online at our website: If sensitive information is collected, it will be done only with your consent, in cases of preventing serious threats to life or health, or as required by law. We maintain robust security measures to protect this data. Progresso Legal Group does not collect or share personal data from website visitors. Policy updates will be reflected in our privacy policy. Contact us at [email protected] for inquiries. We prioritize privacy protection and use information exclusively for legitimate interests, protected under attorney-client privilege.


We do not currently gather personal information from visitors to our websites, nor do we share such information with third parties. If this policy changes in the future, we will update our privacy policy to clearly outline what information is collected and provide procedures for opting out of any voluntary information collection.


At present, commenting functionality is not enabled on our website. If commenting becomes available in the future, we will update our policy to specify whether user data is retained for facilitating commenting, including any measures for spam detection and web security. This might involve the disclosure of user data to identify public comments.


Some features on our websites may allow clients to transmit or upload media, such as photographs, images, or videos. If media files are communicated during an attorney-client consultation or ongoing legal representation, they are covered by attorney-client privilege and are treated as private and confidential. However, if media is uploaded independently of any legal consultation or representation, users should understand that it may not be confidential or private and is considered a "submission" governed by our website's Terms of Use.


Contact forms are not currently utilized on our website. If we implement and use contact forms in the future for attorney-client consultations or communication related to potential representation, such communication will be private and confidential under attorney-client privilege. For any other purposes, communication via contact forms will be considered a "submission" subject to our website's Terms of Use.


If you choose to comment, submit, or communicate with us through our website, you may have the option to save your name, email address, and website in cookies for convenience. These cookies will last for one year but can be cleared from your device if desired. Additionally, temporary cookies may be set when visiting a login page, containing no personal data and discarded upon browser closure. Login information and screen display choices may also be saved through cookies, lasting for two days and one year, respectively.


Our website may include embedded content from external websites, such as videos or articles. This content behaves similarly to if you visited the external website directly and may collect data about you, use cookies, and employ third-party tracking. We encourage reviewing the privacy policy of external websites for more information on how they handle data.


We collect limited data on visitors through tracking tools like Google Analytics, which includes geolocation data and estimated age range. No personal information is collected as part of analytics. Users can configure their device settings to prevent this data collection.


We do not share, sell, or distribute user data to third parties, including analytics data.


Any consent given for SMS communication is not shared with third parties. This clarification is made to emphasize our commitment to safeguarding user data.


Analytics data is retained indefinitely. Data provided through commenting or contact forms, as well as information from attorney-client consultations, is retained according to relevant ethical rules set by the State Bar of California, unless specific jurisdictional rules apply.

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