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Los Angeles Father's Rights Attorney

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At Progresso Legal Group, we are dedicated to championing father’s rights and supporting families, whether together or apart. For over 25 years, we've been a strong ally of families and fathers, ensuring their parental rights are recognized.

Our Law Firm believes in the power and importance of fatherhood. One of our many mission statements is keeping families united, including keeping dads involved in their kids’ lives and advocating for shared custody. Our law firm takes an aggressive approach towards shared custody whenever possible.

Historically, custody cases often favored mothers, but we understand that fathers play an equally important role in their children's lives. We work tirelessly to counteract biases and ensure fathers have a fair chance in family law disputes.

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Our services cover a wide range of father's rights in California, including:

Preventing Unwanted Adoptions:

Fathers can legally avoid the adoption of their child by others, affirming their role in their child's life.

Making Key Decisions for Children:

Fathers can participate in essential decisions about their children's health care, education, and overall welfare.

Exercising Holidays Schedule with Court Order:

Fathers can enjoy holidays, vacations, and school breaks with their children, ensuring quality bonding time.

Regular and continuous Visitation Holiday Schedule:

We fight for fathers' rights and for fathers to have meaningful time with their children, including extended visitation and special days like Holidays.

Influencing Relocation Decisions:

Fathers have a say if the mother plans to relocate with the child, emphasizing their importance in their child's life.

For unmarried fathers, establishing paternity is critical in gaining these rights. Establishing Paternity is the legal process that recognizes a man as a child's father. This is a crucial process for unmarried parents. Whether through voluntary acknowledgment or court-ordered DNA tests, we guide fathers through this intricate process.

Our experienced legal team stands ready to help our clients navigate complex issues like divorce, custody disputes, paternity actions, and child support cases. We believe in equal treatment and representation for fathers in court, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

In essence, at Progresso Legal Group, P.C., we see the profound impact of an involved father in a child's life and how it positively impacts growth and development. We're here to ensure that fathers can be legally involved and recognized in their children's lives, advocating for strong, healthy relationships between fathers and their children.

At Progresso Legal Group, P.C., we stand firm and caring, defending fathers who often feel voiceless, especially those unfairly pushed away from their children due to separation, infidelity, domestic violence, or other challenges. We strongly believe that your children need the active involvement of a father – not just in legal matters but in daily life, including physical visits and active participation in the decision-making about their children’s health and mental well-being. At Progresso Legal Group, P.C., we believe continuous contact between fathers and their children positively impacts the children's lives.

  • Paternity and Father's Rights:

    In California, paternity is crucial for unmarried fathers to establish their legal rights. If you were never married to your child's mother, establishing paternity is the first step to legally being recognized as your child's father. This process gives you rights to custody, visitation, and a say in the critical decision-making that directly impacts your child's life.
  • Automatic Legal Rights:
    If the parents were married at the child's birth, the law assumes the husband is the presumed father. But there's no legal father for children born out of wedlock until paternity is established.
  • Establishing Paternity:
    If you know you're the biological father but aren't on the birth certificate, you'll need to either sign a voluntary Declaration of Paternity or possibly go through a DNA test ordered by the court. This step is essential for you to assert your rights as a father.
  • Benefits of Paternity:
    Establishing paternity lets you be legally involved in your child's life. It's the key to gaining custody, visitation rights, and having a say in important decisions that will impact your child's future.
  • Legal Support for Fathers:
    At Progresso Legal Group, P.C. fathers sometimes face biases in family law cases. We're here to balance the scales, offering strong legal support in cases of divorce, custody, paternity, child support, and spousal support. We aim to protect your relationship with your children and ensure your rights are recognized.

We believe every father deserves a chance to be a part of his child's life, and our team is committed to making that happen. At Progresso Legal Group, your fight is our fight. We’re here to stand by you, ensuring your voice is heard, and your rights are upheld in family court.

What are the rights of a father in the state of California?

you have the same rights as the mother to your children. There's no legal favoritism for one gender over the other in child custody. Sharing their responsibilities allows you to get equal custody and time with your children. You also have the right to be involved in important decisions about your child's upbringing, like education, health care, and religious matters. If you want a fair share of legal and physical custody of your kids in California, contact a father's rights attorney in Los Angeles to understand more about your legal rights and choices.

For over 25 years, Progresso Legal Group has passionately served families in Los Angeles, one family at a time. Our team, specializing in family law, criminal defense, and immigration, deeply understands the unique challenges men often face in legal matters. Despite laws being gender-neutral, men sometimes encounter biases and outdated stereotypes in court. These issues can be particularly evident in cases involving child custody and support. Our dedicated lawyers strive to address these challenges, championing men's rights with the same commitment and care as we would for our own families, always prioritizing the children's best interests.

Our attorneys work across Los Angeles and California, representing not just fathers but also men without children. We're committed to providing tailored legal support and advocacy. If you're facing a legal issue and need guidance, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Let's discuss how we can support you in your legal journey.

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